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    Stop Dog Whining

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    A major problem that people have with their dogs is dog whining. If you want to know how to stop a dog whining you will have to start early. You should understand why dogs whine before you stop your dog whining. This article will teach you why dogs whine and how to stop it. 

    Dog Whining – Why do Dogs Whine? 

    Dogs whine to communicate, it is their way of telling us if they are upset, scared or in pain. Dog whining is a behavioural response to indicate upset, usually a feeling of abandonment. If your dog has never whined before and suddenly starts then you should take this form of communication seriously. 

    If your dog is not unwell and is simply whining for attention then there are ways to curb this behaviour. Punishment will not help stop dog whining it will only increase the dog’s feelings of anxiety. You should train your dog gradually to stop him from whining.

    Stop Dogs Whining Because they Miss You 

    • Teach your dog to accept short periods of time that he will be alone. You can gradually work up to longer periods of time. 


    • Your dog must feel comfortable with its environment when you are gone so you should familiarise your dog with your home and make him as comfortable as possible. 


    • Try playing with your dog for a while then leave the room. You will probably discover that this makes your dog whine. It might hurt you to leave your dog whining but it is an essential part of the training. You must try to teach your dog that emotional blackmail doesn’t work. 


    • If you find that the dog whining doesn’t stop after a few minutes then you can return to the room. You must teach your dog that you are the boss and will return when you want to. The continued whining probably means that your dog is still uncomfortable with the room so play for a while longer and try the technique again. 


    • After you have done this a few times you should find that the whining decreases. 


    • If you are unlucky and find that your dog is still whining then try saying a firm “no” as you leave. If your dog is quiet for a few moments then make sure you give him lots of love and praise. You should then continue with this process until the dog whining stops. 

    How to Stop a Dog Whining for Attention 

    • One easy way of stopping whining is by spending more time with your dog. Play with him and spend some quality time together. 


    • You should learn to ignore your dog if he starts warning. 


    • If ignoring your dog doesn’t get you anywhere then ask your dog to stop. Be firm and say “be quiet” or “no” if necessary. After you have continued this training for a while you should find that your dog learns to stop whining. 

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