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    Stop Dogs Urinating on Furniture

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Having troubles with dog wee? Is your male dog urinating on the furniture? This is a common issue with male dogs; whatever their level of training there is always a chance that your dog will decide to urinate on the furniture. It is a dog’s way of marking his territory so it is particularly likely that a dog will urinate on a new piece of furniture. There are ways of stopping the dog wee problems and this article will discuss some of the options. 

    What to do When your Dog Wees on Furniture

    • One option is to get your dog neutered. Neutering dogs as early as possible can prevent future bad habits. You should be aware that neutering a dog that has been weeing on furniture for a while might not have an effect. 


    • You should supervise your dog from the moment you buy him. Dogs learn quickly so it is important that you correct him when he urinates on the furniture. You should stay persistent and consistent in your training techniques until your puppy changes his dog wee behaviour. 


    • You can try distracting your dog if you notice him circling round a piece of furniture. Use toys to get his attention and call him over to you. 


    • You must use positive reinforcement when your dog goes to the bathroom in the correct place. Reward him with treats and make a fuss of him. 


    • It is essential that you do not shout at him when he urinates on the furniture. This will only confuse your dog and make him wee when you are not looking. 


    • It is essential that after your dog has urinated that you clean it up. You must remove any scent that the dog might be tempted to come back to. You shouldn’t use any products that contain ammonia as it smells like urine and will encourage your dog to return to that spot. 


    • You might discover that your dog is urinating because of separation anxiety. This can cause dogs to go to the bathroom in places where they are not meant to. You can try and stop this by leaving a blanket or old shirt with your scent on it to comfort him. 

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