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    Stopping a Dog Pulling On the Dog Lead

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    The chances are that at some point you have seen somebody out dog walking and being virtually dragged along by the dog. To stop a dog pulling on the dog lead requires training. Dog walking is a vital part of dog ownership and applying the dog’s training is important. This guide outlines how to go dog walking without being pulled along by the dog lead.



    Correct Dog Walking

    •    The first step to calm and relaxed dog walking is to only take your dog out when he is relaxed anyway. An excited dog will pull on the dog lead much more than one that is calm. Most dogs will get excited when they see the dog lead in your hand but the key to the dog’s training is to put the dog lead on and let the animal calm down again before opening the door.

    •    When you start dog walking, keep the dog lead slack as more tension just means more dog pulling. Keep the dog lead slack and loose in your hand and try to keep the dog walking by your side.

    •    As soon as you start to feel the dog pulling, stop dog walking. You have to be quite firm and consistent with this part of the dog’s training as it is the only way to prevent this aspect of dog walking. If you allow any pulling on the dog lead, you are encouraging the behaviour.

    •    To stop the dog pulling you need to gain the dog’s attention again so call his name or make a sound to get the focus back to you. An important part of the dog’s training is to praise him when he does what you want so praise him when he stops pulling on the dog lead and focuses on you.

    •    Every time you are dog walking and there is no pulling on the dog lead, reward the dog so that he knows he is behaving correctly. Keep the dog’s training positive and dog walking will become much more enjoyable and relaxing.

    •    Continue the dog walking once the animal has stopped pulling on the dog lead and has focused on you. Every time you feel the dog pulling, stop again and repeat the process. Eventually the dog’s training will start to kick in.

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