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    Stopping a Puppy From Biting

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    A puppy bite is normal when a dog is very young, and you may even find it adorable when he nips you gently. However, it is vital that you learn to stop puppy biting as soon as you can so that the habit does not continue into adulthood. To stop dog biting when the animal is older will be much trickier. Dog bites can be seriously harmful, and so to stop a puppy biting while he is still harmless is the best option. To learn how to stop puppy biting, see the following advice.

    •    Stop puppy biting as early as you can. 6 weeks old is a great age to begin.

    •    Show your dog that the puppy bite hurts. Each time you receive a puppy bite, make a sharp sound like a yelp. This reaction is the same as what a dog would do, so it shows the dog that it is unacceptable. The next time he will be less rough.

    •    When the puppy bites, take your handy away slowly and give him a toy to bite on instead. If he ignores you and tries to bite again, yelp again and leave the room for several minutes. This shows the dog that biting will lose him your valuable playtime.

    •    Be consistent and persistent when you want to stop puppy biting. Drum in the idea that biting you is completely wrong.

    •    Praise the puppy whenever he licks you without teeth, or plays nicely.

    •    Another way to stop dog biting is to enrol the puppy in an obedience course. Stop a puppy biting in the way if you see no other alternative.

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