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    Teach a Dog 'Paw'

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    After ‘Sit’, most dog owners look to teach a dog to give a paw. It’s one of the most satisfying training techniques to master, as it can help build an incredible bond between dog and owner. Learn more about how to teach a dog ‘Paw’ commands in this guide.


    How to Teach a Dog to Give a Paw

    1.    Before you begin to introduce this technique, it’s essential to master the most basic of all training commands - ‘Sit’. The ‘Paw’ command cannot be introduced if the dog is unaccustomed to this particular skill.

    2.    Before trying to teach a dog to give paw, make sure your dog is sitting comfortably, alert to further instructions.

    3.    Hold out a treat, allowing your dog a sneaky peek, before hiding it out of sight behind your back. The prospect of reward will really engage the dog’s attention.

    4.    Show a little affection towards the dog to make him feel comfortable and willing to listen to your words.

    5.    Grab your dog’s paw and lift it up in the air, saying in a firm voice ‘Paw’ or ‘Give Me Your Paw’. The dog may be a little confused, but reward him for basically watching your every move! Repeat this step a couple more times until the dog begins to understand how he can reap the rewards from offering his paw.

    6.    Keep repeating this process over the next few days, gradually withdrawing the assistance of your hand. If the dog begins to offer a paw instinctively, reward him with plenty of affection and edible treats.

    7.    Finally, if the process seems a little frustrating, remember patience is a key. In terms of overall dog training, it’s relatively easy to teach a dog 'Paw' – but it’s important to remember that all dogs are different, and will pick up skills at different speeds.

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