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    Teach a Puppy Its Name

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    To teach a puppy its name is one of the most important aspects of dog training. A puppy name is used to address your dog in everyday life, to get its attention and for training purposes. Training a puppy to recognise its own name is necessary, contrary to popular belief that the puppy will learn this on its own. For tips on how to teach a puppy its name, see the following guide.

    •    Select a name and a quiet place for training a puppy. It is a good idea to train in a quiet space that has no distractions. This will maximise the dog’s attention and focus on you.

    •    Say the puppy name in a high pitched and happy tone. This encouraging tone is crucial as you want the puppy to be looking at you.

    •    When the puppy looks up at you upon the use of his puppy name, give him a treat to reward the good behaviour. At the start you will need to treat the puppy at any glimmer of a sign that he has looked up at you. This begins to show that training a puppy will get him a treat.

    •    Gradually, add some distractions into your sessions. It is necessary to teach a puppy its name in more realistic settings, and to make sure that he does not become distracted from you by anything. Each time, add an increasing amount of distractions, such as toys.

    •    If you notice some progress when training a puppy, start to treat less frequently. Only reward the puppy with toys, or a treat every now and then. Start to increase the time in between treats so that the dog stops expecting them each time you call.

    •    Try only to use the puppy name in positive circumstances. You are aiming to show the puppy that his name is associated with good things. This will mean that the puppy will see the benefits of responding to his name.

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