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    Teach a Puppy to Fetch | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    Teaching a puppy to fetch can be great fun and useful for you and your dog. Whether you are after a hunting companion or just want to play, you should teach a puppy to fetch. To train a puppy to fetch, see the tips below.

    Choose a Command and Place

    To start to train a puppy to fetch you should decide on a spoken command to use when you want him to retrieve an item. Examples you could adopt are: "fetch", "bring it", or "get it". It does not really matter what it is so long as you use it consistently.

    When you are ready to begin teaching a puppy to fetch choose a place such as a hallway with doors closed, where the dog cannot get distracted by anything lying around, or other rooms.

    Throw the Toy

    With your puppy sat beside you still, hang the toy or dummy you want retrieved in front of his face. The puppy should get excited. Throw the toy and the puppy should run after it. As he approaches the toy say your command word. Your dog should now have the toy in his mouth.

    Encourage your dog to come with the toy. Using the same word to command every time, you should also be sure to reward your puppy each and every time he comes back with it. He will learn what the meaning of this word is when you repeat it constantly.

    To fully teach a puppy to fetch you should practise these steps everyday until you are satisfied he has mastered retrieving.

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