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    Teaching a Dog to Roll Over

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Dog training can be hard if your dog is difficult to train but it is worth trying to train any dog as it allows you to spend time with your pet and improve the bond between you. Teaching a dog to roll over is not as difficult as you might imagine so do not worry about trying. This article will give you some simple instructions on how to teach a dog to roll over so you can try to train the most difficult of dogs without any stress.

    Dog Training – Rolling Over


    • Firstly you must make sure that your dog can sit. You can train your dog to sit simply by giving him treats when you say sit and it happens.

    • Next you will need to train your dog to stay down. This is also not that difficult to do follow the same process as getting your dog to sit. If you use your finger moving it downwards as you say the down command then your dog should begin to understand and follow your instructions. Remember to treat your dog each time he stays down.

    • Once your dog has mastered sit and stay down then you can begin the dog training to roll over. To start teaching a dog to roll over by holding a treat above your dog’s head. Make a movement with your hand that moves over your dog’s head to encourage him to roll over.

    • If your dog doesn’t understand your hand movements then you can give him a gentle push. If he rolls over then give him a treat and lots of praise immediately.

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