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    Teaching a Dog to Stay

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    If you train a dog to stay, you will make everyday life much easier and less stressful. There are plenty of times in each day where you will need your dog to stay where he is and behave. By carrying out dog training to achieve this goal, you will be doing yourself a huge favour. To learn how to teach a dog to stay, see the following tips.

    First of all, when you train a dog to stay, it is important that the dog understands the release command. Using a word such as “free” or “okay”, you can signal to your dog that he can stop doing whatever you have asked him to do.

    Teach a Dog to Stay

    •    Start your dog training by having the dog sit or lie in front of you.

    •    Now show your palm to the dog’s nose and say the command “stay”.

    •    As soon as the dog shows good behaviour and stays, praise him and say the word “good” encouragingly.

    •    Within a couple of seconds of this happening, say the release command and reward the dog with treats and plenty of praise.

    •    Reward even if the dog displays a stay for a mere second or two. If the dog gets an indication that he will be given treats for staying, he will continue to follow instruction.

    •    Gradually, up the time that you need him to stay before giving the treat. At the same time, move further away from him each time.

    •    It is important to remember to give the release command after each stay.

    •    Repeat this dog training process for sessions of 5 minutes. Do not be tempted to lengthen the time as the dog will soon lose interest and make life hard for you. You now know how to train a dog to stay.

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