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    Teaching Your Dog to Play Fetch

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    It is fun and easy to teach a dog to fetch and is great exercise for your dog while you are out walking, reading a book or watching TV. Some dogs just do not have the instinct to fetch so this article will help you train a dog to fetch that is struggling with the concept. 

    Train a Dog to Fetch 

    • The most important thing is to get the dog interested in the ball. If the dog doesn’t care then he is not going to chase after it. Tease your dog with the ball throw it between your hands, try bounding it and holding it in front of their face. If they do not make a grab for it then try other objects like a stick or their favourite toy. 


    • Once you have the dog’s attention then toss the ball, if your dog runs to get it then you should throw him a treat. 


    • If your dog likes to run after the ball but doesn’t pick it up then you can try attaching the ball to some string. Swing the ball slowly enough that they can run and catch it, when they grab it do not pull but walk around until the dog lets go then swing the ball again. This will communicate to the dog that when they leave or drop the ball it will move away.


    • If your dog is the kind that will chase the ball, pick it up and then chew it to death then you should simply ignore them while they are busy chewing the ball. When your dog stops chewing you should praise him and give him a treat. You will need to repeat this step a lot of times as it is essential when you train a dog to fetch. 


    • Once you and your dog have been playing with the ball for a while he will begin to realise that you are a fun combination and start returning the ball to you. 


    • You might notice your dog trying to play fetch with other objects that are occasionally unsuitable (like a shoe) if this is the case then you should simply put it back and say no. 

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