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    Techniques for Crate Training a Puppy | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    Crate training a puppy is a great method of house training a puppy. If you crate train a puppy it will be beneficial in certain situations. When you crate train a puppy you can be safe in the knowledge that the dog is comfortable, and it may also prevent the puppy from behaving badly around the house. The majority of dogs are completely fine being inside their crate. For tips on how to crate train a puppy, see below.


    When training a puppy, you should choose the right crate to begin with. A lot of people will purchase too large a crate. This could cause problems when training a puppy to use a crate, as he may think that it is big enough for him to go to the toilet in and still be comfortable. If the crate is very small then he will not want to use it as a toilet as this will mean that he has to rest by his droppings, which is something that dogs just do not like.

    This can prove tricky as certain dogs will obviously grow to be much bigger as they get older. There is a way around buying increasingly large crates. Simply purchase a large enough crate that you know will accommodate his full adult size, and then block a section of it off so that it is just the right size at each stage of his growth. This will have to be adjusted as he gets bigger, but it will save you money and the effort of getting the dog used to new crates all the time.


    When training a puppy for the crate, a main objective of yours should be to get your dog to like spending his time inside it. You can do this by placing treats and toys in there at the back. This should coax him in. every time the dog enters the crate, give him a treat. When you are at home, leave the crate’s door open so that he knows that the crate does not necessarily mean that you are going out. You can also start to place the dog’s food bowl inside too, to further encourage him inside.

    Train a Puppy for the Crate

    Before putting your puppy in the crate make sure that he does not need the toilet. You can do this by taking him outside to do his business and then treat him. The older the dog, the longer he will be able to stay inside the crate without needing to relieve himself. Bear this in mind when you are leaving your dog at home. The absolute maximum will probably be around 5 hours for an older dog. Crate training a puppy can be good fun and make life much easier.

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