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    Train a Dog Not To Jump Up

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    Training a dog not to jump up is a key part of dog training. Although it may be cute as a puppy, when the dog gets bigger it can be real problem. Although there is nothing malicious in the behaviour, it must be stopped early. This guide will tell you how to train a dog not to jump up.

    Successful Dog Training

  • The key to making a dog’s training successful is to be consistent. It is not the dogs fault if it gets confused when you allow it to jump up one day and not the next. Once you start training a dog to jump up it must be backed up by never allowing it to do so again. Make sure that everybody who comes into regular contact with the dog knows this so that it doesn’t undo your hard work

  • When the dog jumps up, give it no attention whatsoever and loudly and clearly say no. Some people like to fill up a bottle with some marbles and shake this every time the dog jumps up. This adds an extra stimulus and should change the dog behaviour quicker. A loud clap or bang may work instead.

  • Think about where the dog most often jumps up at people. It will quite likely be close to the front door or any other place where it will meet new people such as the park. If you use the method of making a noise and firmly saying no, the dog should start to get the message after a few weeks.

  • When dog training, use a reward based system, telling the dog to sit can be an effective method to stopping it jumping up. Reward the dog only once it has completely sat down and stayed there.

  • Try to predict times when you dog may jump up, such as new people coming into the house or if you have food in your hand. Tell the dog to sit beforehand and reward the animal when it doesn’t jump up. An essential part of dog training is knowing that dogs strive to please their owners.

  • Distracting the dog is another good method to use when training a dog not to jump up. Telling the dog to find it’s toy can work very well.

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