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    Train a Dog to Enjoy a Bath

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    Some dogs like Labradors, Golden Retrievers and Newfoundlands absolutely adore water and giving them a bath is no problem at all. Other dogs however do not like water, so much so that they will not go outside to do their business when it is raining. Appropriate dog training can make these dogs enjoy their baths and make the whole process easier. This article outlines how to train a dog to enjoy a bath.

    Training a Dog to Stay in the Bath

    • The first step is to train a dog to believe that the bath tub and the bathroom are fun areas to be and that they shouldn’t be afraid of them. It is easier to train a puppy to associate the bathroom with fun so start from a young age.

    • Training a dog that likes to play fetch is easier; throw a toy into the tub so that they are forced to go in there to get it. Every time the dog goes in to the bath tub, make sure that you give it plenty of praise and even treats.

    • Progress your dog training by introducing a bit of water to the bath tub. Make sure you use waterproof toys and only use enough water to get the dogs paws wet. This works to train a dog that water is associated with playtime.

    • It is now time to give the dog its first bath. To keep up the association with playtime, instruct the dog to go and get his toys to go and play. Once in the bathroom continue the dog training by acting as though you are going to play with him and avoid things that are associated with having a bath such as running the water and getting the room prepared.

    • Allow the dog to get comfortable in the situation. Dog training always works best when the dog is comfortable. Start to run the water, water that is too hot or too cold will unsettle the dog so make sure it is lukewarm. Make sure you stay calm and use a soft voice. When training a dog to enjoy the bath you need to avoid doing anything negative that the dog will associate with bath time.

    • Make sure you heap plenty of praise and petting on the dog during the bath. Dog training is always more successful when they know they are pleasing you. Dogs are very good at picking up on the tone of voice and body language so keep this positive. Rewarding them for staying in the bath is much better than punishing them for trying to jump put of the bath. This method of training a dog will prove much more successful and will make the dog come to enjoy bath time.

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