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    Train Shy Dogs

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    From time to time, a dog may need a little coaxing to become more outgoing. Although in most cases, dogs will look for plenty of affection and always demand play, some owners will find themselves in the unusual situation of training shy dogs. Learn more about this aspect of dog training in this guide.




    How to Train Shy Dogs

    •    Consider your training techniques – they may be at the root of the problem. The dog may be exhibiting signs of nerves should you be showing any frustration during training. Try and adapt your approach – try and be more positive and affectionate even if the dog struggles in training. This may help the dog become a little more outgoing.

    •    Also, consider whether the problem isn’t actually shyness, but suspicion. The dog may be loyal to you, but see others as a threat – even if he does not respond to visitors in an aggressive manner. Try and get family and friends to play with the dog as much as possible, even if he seems a little reluctant to react.

    •    Never exhibit any outward signs of frustration with a shy dog – this may simply encourage him to creep back into his shell. Instead, try and ignore your dog until he begins to whine – at that moment, turn around and offer plenty of affection – the prospect of isolation should make him realise the importance of building a bond and socialising with others.

    •    If all else fails, consult with a vet or a dog behaviour expert – they may be able to provide a step-by-step strategy to combat the problem of dog shyness.

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