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    Train Your Puppy on a Loose Lead

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    Going for a walk is one of the most exciting times of the day for a dog; even so, it is not acceptable for them to pull on the lead for the whole time. It is best to carry out some loose lead puppy training to avoid this behaviour when the dog is mature. Training a puppy on a loose lead takes time and effort but it is worth it in the long run. This article outlines how to train a puppy on a loose lead.

    Loose Lead Puppy Training

    When a dog pulls on the lead, it is possible that they can slip out of their harness or collar or pull the lead directly out of their owner’s hand. This can be dangerous, for obvious reasons and should be avoided.
    • Go somewhere with few distractions to start training the puppy. This will make the process easier. Put the lead onto the puppy and start walking.

    • Walk in the opposite direction to the puppy and then start walking toward the puppy when the lead becomes tight. If the puppy starts walking in a different direction, walk away again.

    • During this phase of the puppy training, heap lots of praise and rewards on the dog if he stays and waits for you to come to him or if he walks to you of his own accord.

    • Turn and walk away from the puppy again. If the puppy follows you then you can see that the puppy training is starting to pay off, therefore give him rewards. If he doesn’t follow you start the puppy training process again until he does follow you.

    • Every time that the lead gets taught, stop and walk in a different direction. You can start using a regular lead as you become better at training the puppy and he starts to respond.

    • As the puppy training progresses, move to an area with much more distractions such as a local park. Training a puppy on a loose lead in an area with distractions will increase his lead walking even more.

    • Remember that is best when you train a puppy using a reward based system. Short puppy training sessions will keep the animal interested and will prevent him from losing focus.
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