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    Training a Dog Not to Jump

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    A dog jumps usually because he wants to come up to the same level as us. It is important to stop a dog from jumping, as this behaviour is inappropriate and could be harmful. It is fairly simple to stop dog jumping if you know how. See the following tips to prevent dog jumps from being a problem with your pet.

    •    To begin to stop a dog from jumping, make sure that every time the animal does it, you look away and refrain from eye contact. This shows the dog that dog jumps do not gain a positive or negative reaction.

    •    Command your dog to sit, and reward with a treat if he obeys. The aim is to let the dog know that he will be rewarded if he avoids dog jumps when greeting.

    •    The next stage when you want to stop dog jumping is to walk away from the dog each time he jumps up at you. If he continues to jump around, throw some treats on the floor to show that staying low is rewarding. Do not show any kind of visible or audible reaction when he jumps. Show absolutely nothing. This will make the dog feel like dog jumps earn him the right of being ignored: something that no dog wants.

    •    It is also important to stop a dog from jumping up to other people, and not just you. Many people will be put off by your dog jumping over them when they turn up at your door. Use a friend to assist you with this training. When the doorbell rings, get the dog to stay down and calm before you open the door. Have treats ready for when you open it. When the friend enters, distract the dog with treats to stop dog jumping.

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