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    Training a Dog to Sit or Lay Down

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    The sit and lay down commands are an important part of dog obedience and they should be some of the first commands that are taught during dog training. Training a dog can take time but with perseverance and patience it will slowly start paying off. Read on to find out about training a dog to sit or lie down.

    Successful Dog Training

    •    The key to successful dog training and good dog obedience is consistency and perseverance. All dogs will eventually pick up on the dog training and do as you ask them.

    •    When you are training a dog, try to do it somewhere with minimal distractions as this will mean that you have his full attention. You will need plenty of treats to make the dog training work as training a dog is much more successful if you use positive reinforcement.

    •    When the dog is stood in front of you, use the command to sit and push his rear end down towards the floor. Every time the dog does as you say, heap plenty of praise on him and give him a treat. This is the key to good dog obedience.

    •    Get the dog back in the standing position and repeat the process of dog training for several minutes. Make sure you provide constant rewards (when they are deserved) when training a dog. Eventually the dog will start to lose interest and this is a good time to stop the dog training and return either a few hours later or the next day.

    •    It won’t take long when training a dog for him to learn the command and you should see a noticeable difference in dog obedience.

    •    Use this same method of dog training when you are trying to get the dog to lie down.

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