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    Training a Dog to Walk with a Gentle Leader | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    A dog gentle leader is used for dog training good behaviour when leash-walking a dog. It is placed over the snout of a dog and fits in a way that is supposed to imitate the corrective nature that a dominant dog in the pack would have. It is important to remember that a dog gentle leader is not a muzzle and does not prevent jaw movement. A dog may at first not be too keen to wear it, but it will soon become used to it. For advice on training a dog to walk with a gentle leader, see below.

    Train a Dog to Walk – Gentle Leader

    The first thing to do when you train a dog to walk with this device is to place it on the dog according to the instructions that come with the product. There should be one loop that goes over the snout, and one that goes round the back of the dog’s head. The neck strap must be tight, but not too tight, and there should be some give. The strap at the nose must be able to move a little, but not so much that the dog can take it off. The strap that is single is joined to the dog collar.

    Dog Training – Attach and Walk

    Hook the dog gentle leader to the leash and start walking. Make sure you walk your dog somewhere that you know he likes and distract him with treats and encouragement. If you keep his mind off of it, it is likely he will forget he has it on. If the dog protests or resists, do not be tempted to take the device off as this will prove to him that he can have it removed if he acts up. This is the wrong message in dog training.

    Train a Dog to Walk – Behaviour

    Carry on walking and stop the dog from behaving badly if he does. You can do this by pulling the lead firmly. Pull it in your direction but also to the side of the dog. When your dog starts to behave, relieve the tug.

    Keep training a dog to walk in this way daily until he accepts it and carries on as normal. You should maintain some slack in the lead and the dog must be walking alongside you.

    Dog Training – Finish

    Once your dog’s walking technique is satisfactory you can stop using the dog gentle leader, as you will have finished training a dog to walk properly. However, if after some time a dog falls back into bad walking ways, you will need to train a dog to walk with the leader again.

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