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    Training Puppies Not To Sit On The Sofa

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    There is a very simple reason why dogs and puppies like to sit on the sofa – it’s very comfortable. Puppy training at a young age is they key to getting a dog to stay off the furniture. It may be the case that you have been training a puppy to not sit on the sofa successfully but as soon as you leave the house, it jumps on there. Training puppies not to do this requires a bit more creativity and guile, it is however possible. This guide outlines how to train a puppy not to sit on the sofa.

    How to Train a Puppy to Stay Off the Sofa

    •    The first step when training puppies or dogs like this is to make sure that they no the ‘off’ command. By far the best way to train a puppy is to make the activity fun and rewarding with praise, a toy or treats.

    •    As with all puppy training, the key is consistency as it is the only way that dogs learn. The best way is to either let the dog on the sofa or make the sofa completely off limits because if you let the dog up there sometimes, it will confuse him and ultimately undermine the puppy training. Every time the dog gets on the sofa or even looks like it will, use the ‘off’ command.

    •    A very good method to use when training puppies is to use an aversive such as a loud noise or another unpleasant reminder such as a squirt from a water bottle. This will remind them that being on the sofa is not allowed. When you train a puppy, use something you know is unpleasant as some dogs may actually like a squirt of water and treat it like a game.

    •    It is important never to actually harm or traumatise the animal when training puppies as this is counter productive. Be assertive but not aggressive.

    •     The key to successful puppy training is to make the rules and boundaries very clear and to provide plenty of incentives for the animal to do what you say. Make it unpleasant to be on the sofa and enjoyable to be off it.

    •    The chances are that even with the best puppy training, the dog may still do what it wants when you are not there so consider closing doors that lead to the sofa or do other things such as putting bubble wrap or tin foil to help train a puppy not to sit there.

    •    Besides treats and praise, when training puppies not to sit on the sofa, it is a good idea to make sure the dog knows it has a comfy and safe bed of its own. Place treats, toys and her blankets here so the animal feels safe.

    •    When training a puppy, be consistent, friendly and rewarding so that the animal understands the message. Any signs of aggression towards the puppy training are not acceptable and you should consider help from a professional trainer.

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