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    Training Puppies to Rollover

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Training puppies is fun and a great way to spend time with your new addition to the family. Puppy dog training will teach your dog good manners and how to interact with people nicely. Training a puppy to rollover is not difficult and is a fun thing to show your friends. This article will teach you how to train a puppy to rollover. 

    Puppy Training Tips – Rollover

    • You should train a puppy to lie down before you attempt the rollover. 


    • If you are training puppies it is best to start with a well fed and exercise puppy or he will be easily distracted.


    • You should have your puppy on a lead and ask him to lie down.


    • Nest you should say your puppy’s name and ask him to rollover as you manually help him to rollover. Then give your puppy a treat. 


    • Training puppies does take a little time and you might find that your puppy things you are trying to wrestle him at first. If your puppy starts to play or bite then give a gentle tug on his lead. 


    • The next step in the puppy dog training is to get him to lie down. Then take a treat and command him to rollover as you do so lead the treat in a circular motion above his head and end with the treat behind your back. When your puppy succeeds treat him and shower him with praise. 


    • Now you can try the trick in front of family and friends but bear in mind that he might get distracted in front of an audience. When your puppy gets the trick right he is bound to love being centre of attention and getting praise from everyone. 

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