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    Training Tips for Cockapoo Puppies

    Articledog training guidesSaturday 18 May 2013

    Training a cockapoo puppy is thankfully much easier thanks to the fact that they are the result of two very intelligent breeds: the poodle and the cocker spaniel.

    Bear in mind that training a dog is not just about making them do tricks; it is teaching them how to behave in certain situations.

    To find out how to train a cockapoo, read on.


    Training Cockapoo Puppies

    • The most important thing you have to consider when training cockapoo puppies is to establish a bond and trust. This breed is much more likely to respond to training if he is comfortable with you and wants to please you. We strongly recommend to start training your dog at an early age. 

    • Handling is a very important part when training cockapoo puppies and, unfortunately, this is often overlooked. Those puppies that will let you handle them are exactly the ones that show great trust in their owners. Handling a cockapoo can be used to praise, calm or soothe your puppy.

    • Start handling your cockapoo when he is very young. You should regularly, lift up his ears, open his mouth, touch and move their paws and legs, lift back the fur on their paws and touch between the pads. Finally, your cockapoo puppies should be comfortable with you rubbing their belly and face/muzzle.

    • You will probably notice over time that the cockapoo puppies enjoy some of the handling more than other aspects, these aspects can be used to reward good behaviour and make training even more fun for the dog.

    • Cockapoos are very people orientated dogs so make sure you praise them and reward them when they do something right. Cockapoos respond much better to reward based, positive reinforcement training as they have an innate need to please their owner.

    • Another very important thing to consider when training cockapoo puppies (or any puppy) is to make the training fun and enjoyable. Cockapoo puppies for sale will have short attention spans so limit the training to 10-15 minute sessions and then have a break.

    • If you feel that a Cockapoo is the pet for you, read our Facts About Cockapoos article for more information. You can search for Cockapoo puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies.


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