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    Training Tips for those Extra Naughty Puppies: Be Dominant

    Articledog training guidesFriday 11 January 2013

    First thing that is key for discipline is for you to be dominant over your dog. Any slight resistance can make some dogs believe that they can run the family pack. Here are some ways to make sure you are asserting your authority:



    • Do not let your dog sleep with you in your bed
    • Eat your dinner and afterwards your dog can have his
    • Make your dog sit and stay before giving them their dinner
    • Confine them to one area of the house – for example, only the downstairs, or just the kitchen and hallway
    • You go first – when walking through a door or through a small space, you should go first and then your dog must follow after you
    • Don’t let them on furniture, such as your bed, or the sofa. If you do, they may feel like it is theirs
    • Do not give your dog food when it is not their meal times


    Showing you’re the head of the pack will help later when you are teaching them where to go to the toilet and to sit at the side of the road. If they are doing something, when you call, they should listen; you should be ahead of what they are doing, otherwise they won’t listen to you – what if they were doing something bad or dangerous?

    When you are teaching them, and you can see that they are improving, be sure to reward them for this.

    Many of these points will not be necessary but if your dog is naughty, it is best to put them into practise and keep them in practise. Some dogs will know their place and you can be more lenient towards them, however if you have come to this article, by the title, we assume that this is not the case. Good luck!


    Photo by Dereck Harper

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