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    Training Your Dog to Sit

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011

    Learning how to train a dog to sit is a vital part of owning a dog responsibly. Training a puppy to remain where he is, sat down, will come in useful each and every day. Whether you are out and about or at home, training a puppy to sit is imperative. For a guide on learning how to train a dog to sit, see the following tips.

    How to Train a Dog to Sit

    •    The first step when you train a dog is to stand in front of him.

    •    Hold a treat in your hand so that it is close to the dog’s nose, but just out of reach.

    •    Now move the treat slowly over the dog’s head in the direction of the tail.

    •    Say the name of your dog and give the command word “sit”.

    •    Remember to keep the treat at the dog’s nose level. If you hold it too high, your dog will almost certainly jump up to reach it. This is the opposite of what you are training a puppy to do.

    •    The moment your dog successfully sits, say “good” and praise.

    •    Each time the dog moves into the sit position, give him a treat and praise him. Training a puppy in this way shows that his good behaviour gets him rewards.

    •    When you want the dog to stop sitting, say a release command word such as “free” or “release”.

    •    Train a dog in this way for five minutes at a time until he happily sits on demand.

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