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    Using a Scent Box to Train a Puppy | Dogs and Puppies

    Articledog training guidesWednesday 18 May 2011
    When you train a dog, most of the time you will make the dog use an outside area as his toilet. However, it may sometimes be necessary to train a dog to use a puppy litter box inside. You may need to train a puppy to do this for times when you are out of the house. For tips on dog training for using a puppy litter box, see the following advice.

    Dog Training

    First, choose a place that you want to put the box. After having chosen this spot it is important not to move it around. This will confuse the dog, so consistency is the key.

    Get some dog training treats that are different to the ones you normally use. When you train a puppy for something new like this, it helps to use a new treat with a distinct smell.

    Start off with a smaller box lined with bin liners or newspaper. When the dog successfully uses this area as his toilet, praise him straight away and reward him with a treat. By using this method to train a dog, you are showing him that he will be rewarded when he does the same action properly again.

    When dog training, praise is vital, especially in the verbal form. The puppy litter box will start to get used more as soon as the dog knows he is getting positive attention from you for it.

    Prevent the dog from going to the toilet in other parts of the house. If you catch the dog going in an inappropriate place, interrupt and take him to the puppy litter box.

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