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    Country Dogs VS City Dogs

    ArticleMonday 01 October 2012

    Living in the country provides you with the luxury of long walks and more space; there’s no better place for a dog. The best suited dog for the location of a country house is a big and active dog. You want to be able to talk your dog for walks across fields without them getting tired and if you have a big garden and house available, then you have the choice to get a big or small dog. Bigger dogs, such as a Husky, are very active and playful, and require a lot of exercise everyday, rather than a Chihuahua which is much smaller and seen as more as a fashion accessory. In the environment where you are surrounded by fields, the Husky seems like the better companion.

    Typical country dogs: Boarder Collie, Golden Retriever, German Sheppard


    In the city, the living situation does not usually include much of a garden. The most convenient habitat is an apartment or a flat. For dog lovers this is not enough to stop them from having a pet of their own. But the best suited dog would not be a Husky this time. Due to the lack of grassy areas in a city, and the highly touristic parks, a different breed of dog entirely would be much better, such as a Maltese. A smaller dog is more appropriate friend as they do not need as much exercise, due to their size, therefore a walk to the shops a few times a day is enough. In order to get you and your fluffy companion around the city, this might include a taxi or underground train, you are able to carry your dog or transport them in a dog carrier.

    Typical city dogs: Chihuahua, Maltese, Mini Yorkshire


    Photo by Jez Arnold

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