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    Grooming: Give your Dog a Haircut

    ArticleTuesday 23 October 2012

    Are your dogs eyes lost in its fur? Are you finding it hard to keep your dog clean?

    You don’t need to spend extra money to get your dog cut professionally. You can do it yourself!



    What you will need:

    • Clippers – including different size razor heads
    • Broom
    • Sheet
    • Sharp Scissors



    1. Firstly, the best way to keep this process tidy and short is to lay down a sheet. This isn’t always effective as your dog may move around a bit but it will help with keeping the fur all together.

    Tip: Your dog may be scared of the noise of the clippers so try and keep them relaxed by using a relaxed and upbeat voice.

    1. Before starting to cut your dog’s fur, it is best to brush it out. This will help the clippers to move through the hair more easily.
    2. When starting to cut your dog, you want to use the clippers from the tail towards the neck, against the hair growth. This will make it easier to cut the fur and the outcome will be more even.

    Tip: Don’t cut too short too quickly, start longer and you can always cut shorter if you want.

    1. Once you are happy with the outcome of the fur length on the body, you can start to cut the face and neck with the scissors. Do not use the clippers. If this is not necessary, I recommend that you do not do this step because you need to be very precise and it can be uncomfortable for your dog. If you do want to carry out this step, be very careful and again, do not cut the fur too short.
    2. After you have got the desired outcome, you can brush, wash and dry your dog so he is smelling and looking fresh.


    Before giving your dog a haircut, we recommend you to check out a video before trying it out yourself!

    Check here for products like a brush or dog shampoo!


    Photo: Mark, Dog Groom UK 

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