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    The ten most intelligent dog breeds

    ArticleWednesday 24 April 2013

    So which dogs are naturally intelligent? We decided to provide a short guide to give information about the top ten smartest breeds.

    Some notes before we begin:
    • Smartest is not to be confused with easiest to train.
    • Like humans, all dogs differ. You will find more intelligent dogs than others in a certain breed.
    • Intelligent dogs can often be a lot of trouble. If left at home they may cause havoc in order to get attention.
    10) Australian Cattle Dog – These were used to breed cattle in Australia (if you weren’t able to guess by the name). They should be given a decent amount of exercise both physically and mentally. Good at doing herding jobs. Loves the opportunity to protect and look after a family of humans.
    9) Rottweiler – Often hated by people for being a stereotype of a vicious dog but on the other hand so friendly and kind. How can this happen? Well they are actually bery smart but need a lot of work to train them properly for example when it should be in protection mode around property and when it should not be when near children. They were once the working dogs of ancient Rome.
    8) The Papillon – Quite a rare breed in the UK but still one that is very intelligent. Although often mistaken as moody and aggressive, these are more characteristics of them protecting their owners and their home ground.  Also very easy to train too.
    7) Labrador Retriever – The Labrador is without doubt one of the most popular breeds in the world. They love to eat, work and do exercise. They make the perfect family dogs due to being so joyful among all members including children.
    6) Shetland Sheepdog – Similar to the border collie and has amazing herding skills of all types of animals not just sheep. Originally bred in the Shetland islands, they are now very popular indeed. They crave human companionship however may not be good with strangers especially children.
    5) Doberman Pinscher – This breed is loyal, fearless and very assertive. They are often used as guard dogs because of these qualities. Specific Dobermans vary greatly. Some can be highly docile while others fiercely protective. Often used by police and security forces across the globe.
    4) Golden Retriever – Loyal, loving, patient, great with children…. What is there not to love about this breed? This breed of dog excels in competitions for obedience and tricks time and time again. Originally bred as a hunting dog and got its name by retrieving the prey unharmed. Used as guide dogs, drug dogs and search and rescue dogs.
    3) German Shepherd – A favourite of police and security forces world wide to prevent criminals and create peace. If trained properly from an early age, they can make the best family dogs and also guard dogs to protect homes. They are highly courageous and also very protective of their areas.
    2) Poodles – Yes, this was not a mistake, Poodles are incredibly intelligent dogs and would be used for Police dogs if only there was not the negative image associated with them having funny hair styles. They are said to be the easy to train. They were originally used as hunting dogs. They little puffs of hair that are often ridiculed are originally placed around joints to keep these warmer.
    1) Border Collies – These dogs simply must have a job to do. Without, their purpose in life is ruined. These dogs should not be left at home all day or they can cause havoc in the house. They constantly need to be looked after and given strong exercise. Warning to those in the city, it is best to stay away as they are countryside dogs who love farms. Known as a “workaholic” due to it’s nonstop attitude.
    Photo: Wikimedia
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