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    Choosing a dog to protect your home and property

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 19 June 2013
    Surprisingly you may think that only Rottweilers and Dobermans are fit for the position of guarding property however just by having a dog, almost any dog including tiny dogs like Chihuahuas is a put off for any criminal as the barking works wonders to deter possible intruders. Preventing crime is a lot more effective.
    People often forget that dogs and much more than pets and can be highly useful in tasks like sheep herding, police work and also security and guarding. That’s why we have put together this unique guide of finding and selecting the perfect guard dog for you to choose. In this day and age you never know what will happen and it is best to have a good level of security protecting your property, possessions and family.
    • First of all you want to choose a dog with a loud bark. Often the louder is better but a tiny “yapper” can still be affective. One breed therefore to take of the list for guarding your house right now is the Basenji as they are known to be the only breed without a bark.
    • Try looking for protection dog that will be able to physically deter the intruder. Dogs like these can be trained to bark and lunge at an intruder. They will attack and bite only if they sense you are in danger. Remember though that this dog must be trained very well. Poor training will mean that it may attack innocent members of the public (or yourself) when it feels threatened. Seek professional training if you do not feel you are competent enough in this respect.
    • Attack dogs are the next step if you want the dog to bite the intruder. An attack dog can be trained to bite on command or if you, the owner are in danger. With proper training they will only let go when to instructed by the owner or when the attacker is no longer posing a threat.
    • There are also a new range of electronic devices that create barking sounds. These can be purchased online. They can be triggered to make noise when an intruder is near and are very authentic. No vet bills, no food, no walks. The device is not effective if you run out of batteries or if the intruder actually enters.
    Be very careful with dogs. They are animals and thus have their own mind. They can act in their own interests with could spell danger for you and members of the public. Try to train your dog as well as possible to provide a safe environment for your home. A poorly trained dog will show erratic behaviour which may not work out in your favour.
    Cesar Milan offers an opinion in the top 10 guard dogs. These are:
    1. Bullmastiff
    2. Doberman Pinscher
    3. Rottweiler
    4. Komodor
    5. Puli
    6. Giant Schnauzer
    7. German Shepherd
    8. Rhodesian Ridgeback
    9. Kuvasz
    10. Staffordshire Terrier
    Photo: Kapchuros
    Source: Wikihow
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