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    5 Facts About A Rottweiler For Sale

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Rottweilers have a reputation for being vicious and dangerous dogs but in reality, they are very loyal and friendly family dogs. Often, undesirable behaviour from Rottweilers is due to the handler, not the dog. Rottweiler puppies have made excellent family pets for centuries. To find out 5 interesting facts about a Rottweiler for sale, read on.

    Rottweilers are Very Friendly

    The chances are that a Rottweiler for sale will be very friendly and loyal. Rottweilers have instinctive guarding and herding instincts. These instincts mean they are very loving to family members but can be reserved with strangers.

    Rottweilers Need an Experienced Handler

    Rottweilers are not dogs for inexperienced owners as they have dominance issues and need to be taught their place within the family group. Good socialisation and training will ensure that Rottweiler puppies are comfortable around people and various situations.

    Rottweilers Need Plenty Of Exercise

    Rottweiler puppies were bred for working and this means that they need plenty of regular exercise to avoid becoming obese. People who are very active may wish to consider buying Rottweiler puppies for sale as they enjoy exercise and love being outdoors.

    Rottweilers are Good With Children

    A lot of Rottweilers will bond well with the children in their family. Of course, Rottweiler puppies need to be taught their place within the pack but they will grow fond of children and have quite a clownish attitude. Young children should not be left alone with any dog however, including Rottweiler puppies.

    Rottweilers Are Very Intelligent

    A Rottweiler for sale, like a lot of working dogs have very high intelligence levels which makes them amongst the easier dogs to train. Rottweiler puppies for sale need to be trained early because they will grow to be quite large. The intelligence of a Rottweiler means that he has to be kept entertained.


    If you feel that you are capable of looking after a Rottweiler for sale, you can search for Rottweiler puppies for sale right here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, you can sell puppies for free on this site.

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