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    5 Facts About Maltese Dogs

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 11 March 2014

    Maltese puppies are gaining in popularity as more and more people look for toy dogs that make great companions.

    These dogs can be a great choice for people that live in apartments or small houses because they themselves are very small and don’t require much in the way of space.

    To find out more about this incredible breed, keep reading!


    Maltese Dogs are Extremely Ancient 

    The first recorded evidence of Maltese dogs occurred thousands of years ago in ancient Greece in roughly 500BC. It is thought that the Maltese breed originated in central Asia and is related to the Tibetan Terrier.

    The name Maltese is thought to be linked to the island of Malta


    Maltese Puppies Are Very Playful

    Maltese puppies are known for their playful nature and this never really leaves them. Adult Maltese dogs will be very similar to puppies in their love of playing and having fun.

    This is one of the reasons why so many people choose to have a Maltese as a life companion.


    Maltese Dogs Love People

    Maltese puppies are known for their love of people and are very popular as companion dogs as they love to cuddle.

    However, you may need to do some work with Maltese puppies to ensure that they don’t develop separation anxiety as they can be prone to excessive barking.


    Maltese Are Non-Shedding

    Maltese dogs are non-shedding so they may be an excellent choice for people who are house-proud or suffer from pet allergies.

    However, the non-shedding coat means that Maltese puppies need to be groomed regularly. A ‘puppy cut’ of 1-2” all over is very popular with owners of Maltese dogs.


    Maltese Make Good Family Pets 

    This breed is very friendly and love being part of a household. Like all puppies, proper socialisation is essential as they may be snappy with small children.


    If you feel that a Maltese might be the perfect dog for you, you can search for Maltese puppies for sale on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, you can sell puppies for free by placing an advert.


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