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    5 Reasons to Buy Beagle Puppies For Sale

    Articlegeneral dog adviceSunday 07 July 2013

    If you feel you are interested in owning one of these fantastic dogs, you can search for beagle puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. You may also find our Beagle Breed Guide helpful in finding out more.


    Beagles are some of the best family pets that you can think of acquiring.

    A family dog needs to be able to deal with the rough and tumble that children can often bring and it needs to get on well with all people.

    From the many great reasons to own beagle puppies, we have picked the top five. Read on to find out more.


    Beagles are Friendly

    These dogs are naturally pack animals and love companionship. This means that this breed will bond very closely with their owners and families. Beagles are very friendly and love having fun, especially with children. Beagle puppies will grow into dogs that are neither aggressive nor shy.


    Beagles are Naturally Healthy 

    Unlike a lot of pedigree dogs for sale, Beagles have comparatively few genetic disorders and when given the correct food and exercise, will remain healthy into old age.

    The only notable things to look out for are ear infections and obesity; both of these can be kept under control with proper care. Beagle dogs should live between 10 and 13 years.


    Beagles Are Excellent Indoors 

    Beagles are naturally very active dogs and they will need lots of daily exercise but many puppies and adults will also be happy to sleep and laze around for long periods of the day. A beagle will be just as happy when curled up on the sofa as it will run around in the field.


    Beagles are Fairly Small 

    The small size of beagle puppies is generally kept into adulthood which means that they are often easier to handle than bigger dogs.

    This breed is just as excitable as other dogs but can be controlled by a child. The small size of beagles also helps to prevent accidental injuries to children when playing.


    Beagles Make Excellent Companions

    Beagles may be acquired to become therapy animals for treating physical and mental concerns. The natural friendliness of these dogs helps them bond with anyone and has proven to help people overcome illness.


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