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    5 Reasons to Buy Labrador Puppies For Sale

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 12 November 2013

    If you landed in this page searching for Labrador puppies for sale please check the ads section.

    A Labrador is an attractive proposition for anybody that is looking for an excellent family pet.

    There is a lot to love about this breed, from their cute looks to their endless energy.

    Of course, you should not take on a Labrador puppy or any other dog, unless you are prepared to take on the commitment.

    For this purpose, we give you at least five reasons to acquire this incredible dog.

    Labrador Intelligence

    Labradors are renowned for their levels of intelligence and are capable of being trained in a wide range of roles including gun dog, guide dog, sniffer dog and, of course, as a companion.

    Labrador puppies are amongst the easiest to train from a young age and respond well to training.

    Labrador Coat

    Labrador puppies will not grow very long coats and the slightly oily texture means that dander is largely reduced. This means these dogs may be suitable for people with allergies.

    A Labrador will still shed and this needs brushing but nowhere near as much as some other dogs.

    Labrador Appearance

    This breed come in three colours: black, chocolate and yellow; all of which look great. Labradors are very handsome dogs that have a permanent ‘smile’ on their face. Chocolate Labs are often the most sought after but all Labradors are popular around the world.

    Labrador Activity Levels

    These puppies will grow into very active dogs that never seem to tire or get bored of running around. It is for this reason that Labradors make excellent family pets. A Lab will also have an innate love of water and they get wet whenever they can. Labrador puppies can also be easily trained to retrieve almost anything.

    Labrador Temperament

    All Lab puppies will grow into truly loving and loyal pets. This breed's temperament is the biggest reason to buy a Labrador as they are a big furry being of inconditional love. These dogs should never have an aggressive nature and they are always friendly.

    Remember, you can search for a wide range of Labrador puppies for sale right here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, you can advertise a Labrador for sale by placing a free advert.


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