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    5 Reasons to Buy Rottweiler Puppies for Sale

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 19 March 2013

    If you landed in this page searching for Rottweilers for sale please check the ads section.

    Rottweilers have had a lot of bad press over the years but a lot of it is undeserved and doesn’t do justice to what fantastic pets Rottweiler puppies can turn into.

    Of course, take into account that there is no smoke without fire and an uncontrollable Rottweiler could cause problems.

    The overwhelming majority of Rottweiler dogs end up in the hands of experienced handlers who provide the correct care and training to turn them into great family pets.

    There are many reasons to own a Rottweiler and here are our top five.


    Rottweiler Puppies are Extremely Loyal 

    Rottweiler puppies will grow to adore their family and are especially fond of children in the family. Proper training is required to establish these puppies at the bottom of the pack but once that is done this breed makes a brilliant addition to the household.

    However, like most dogs, it is not a good idea to leave a Rottweiler alone with an unfamiliar child.


    Rottweiler Puppies for Sale are Very Intelligent 

    Rottweilers were bred as working dogs for guarding, herding and pulling carts. All these traits mean that these puppies are very intelligent and respond well to training.

    These dogs enjoy working and pleasing their master so this can be used in training. Amongst family, Rottweiler puppies can be known to play around and be very fun loving. The sheer strength of Rottweilers means training is essential.

    You may find our guide to Training Rottweiler Puppies helpful.


    Rottweilers Have Natural Guarding Instincts 

    Rottweilers will guard their territory and family very vigorously if necessary and this can bring peace of mind to a lot of people. Of course, these puppies need to be very well socialised with other animals and people to ensure that this behaviour doesn’t get out of hand.

    Bear always in mind that Rottweilers are naturally wary of strangers and need to be introduced to them properly.


    Rottweiler Puppies are Healthy   

    Rottweilers suffer from less hereditary health conditions than other pedigree dogs which is good for all concerned. These dogs may be susceptible hip dysplasia when they are older and they are prone to obesity if not fed correctly but other than that Rottweilers should stay fairly healthy.


    Rottweilers Have Low Hunting Drive   

    Although Rottweilers still have strong herding and guarding instincts, their hunting drive has long since disappeared which means that they probably won’t chase any living thing they see. Those puppies that are raised around other animals will get on with them very well but two male Rottweilers may fight.

    As you can see, Rottweiler puppies make fantastic pets for people who are capable of correctly looking after them. 





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