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    5 Reasons to Buy Vizsla Puppies for Sale

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 20 March 2014

    Vizslas are a Hungarian breed of dog that has been in existence for roughly a thousand years.

    Vizsla puppies will grow into very athletic, very energetic and most importantly, very friendly dogs.

    There are many reasons to buy vizsla puppies for sale but we’ve picked out the top 5, read on to find out more.


    Vizslas are Very Friendly

    Vizsla puppies bond with humans extremely well and they are some of the best family dogs in the world. Despite their size and energy levels, vizslas are also very gentle and can play excellently with children.Vizslas become very close to their family and will often follow people from room to room to be close to them.


    Vizslas are Hugely Energetic

    This may not be the best characteristic for all dog owners but for an active family, Vizsla puppies will make an excellent addition. Vizslas need a couple of hours physical and mental activity each day to stop them becoming unruly. For owners that can provide them with the exercise, this breed is an excellent acquisition.


    Vizsla Puppies are Highly Intelligent

    Vizslas are very intelligent dogs that need plenty of mental exercise but they can be taught to undertake almost any job. Those looking for a gun dog (for land or water) might want to consider a Vizsla puppy. Their high levels of intelligence and bond with their owners means that Vizsla puppies respond very well to (reward based) training.


    Vizsla Puppies Are Clean

    The short hair of Vizsla dogs will not need much grooming and is very easy to manage. Vizslas are also renowned for their distinct lack of ‘dog smell’ which make vizsla puppies highly desirable for some people. The short coat of the Vizsla means that they shouldn’t be left outside for extended periods of time.


    Vizslas are Healthy

    On the whole, Vizslas are a very healthy breed of dog that do not suffer from a lot of genetic disorders. Hip dysplasia is very rare in Vizslas for instance. These dogs will normally live for between 12 and 15 years which is above average for this size of dog.


    If you feel that you can correctly look after a Vizsla, you can search for vizsla puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies.

    Alternatively, if you have Vizsla puppies for sale you can advertise them for free by placing an ad


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