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    5 top tips to look after a new puppy

    Articlegeneral dog adviceTuesday 12 March 2013
    So you finally got the puppy you have been wanting for ages but soon realise that there is a lot more to learn about puppies than you once thought? Here are some useful tips to help your puppy settle in so it can have the smoothest transition from living with it's mother to living in a strange and possibly scary environment. 
    1) Remember that your home will be completely new to a puppy. Give them a lot of time to settle in, explore and also rest. Although you will want to play, your puppy will need rest and quiet from time to time. Give it time to meet everyone in the house and also the various rooms.
    2) Make sure you have the basics covered;
    • Food
    • Fresh Water (changed daily)
    • A bed
    • A collar and lead set
    • A Brush or Comb
    These should all be prepared before your puppy comes home. 
    3) Take caution in letting your new puppy outside until it has recieved all its relevant vaccinations. Taking it to areas with dogs and where it is soiled earth can be frightning and dangerous for it's health. However you will need to let it socialise with other humans and dogs who have been vaccinated against so your puppy does not become shy which can affect it it's whole life. Exercise caution.
    4) Health - Your puppies health is vital at this stage of it's life. Anything serious could perhaps end it's life. This is why you must get the relevent vaccines from a vet. There are set time stages for these and will often need renewing annually. Furthermore make sure they are protected against fleas, ticks and other parasites. Finally make sure your puppy is wormed and like vaccinations this should be continued through your dog's life.
    5) Basic training and toilet training is something important to get right from as basic age. Make sure that everyone in the house uses the same actions and commands or your puppy can get confused. Take caution with discipline. For example if puppy does something naughty and you discover this a period of time (after they have done it) then they will not understand why they are in trouble. 
    For a new puppy remember that they will need letting out the house regulary. After meals, after playing and before and after going to sleep. By using this method, naturally your new dog will understand when and when not to go.
    Source: Caravet Group
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