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    All About Poodles

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Poodles can make fantastic pets that consistently score well in obedience competitions and conformation shows. The intelligence of the poodle is well known but this is not the only reason why so many people choose to buy poodle puppies for sale. There are a number of reasons you should consider buying poodle puppies, read on to find out our top 5 reasons.

    Poodle Puppies are Very Intelligent

    Poodles are ranked second only to Border Collies in terms of working intelligence and the ability to undertake tasks, learn commands and think for themselves at the same time. It is this reason why so many people choose to own a poodle. Of course, high intelligence means that training poodle puppies should be easier but it also means poodles need to be kept entertained.

    Poodle Puppies Do Not Shed

    This is one of the main reasons that poodle puppies for sale are so popular. Poodles do not shed their fur which is not only good for people who like to keep a clean house but also for those that are allergic to dog hair. The hair of poodles needs to be regularly groomed.

    Poodles are Very Active

    It may come as a surprise to some but poodle puppies are extremely active and will continue to be so for most of their lives. Poodles love exercise and need plenty of it which makes a poodle an excellent choice for people with active lifestyles. Poodles come in different sizes and the largest (standard) will require most exercise while the smallest (toy) poodle puppies generally require the least exercise.

    Poodles are Generally Healthy

    Like a lot of pedigree puppies for sale, poodle puppies are susceptible to certain health conditions such as Addison’s disease, cancer and bloat but poodles that are kept at the correct weight and fed the correct diet will live well into their teens. It is not uncommon for toy poodles that have been kept healthy to live into their 20’s.

    Poodles are Very Happy

    Poodle puppies love human companionship and this will continue into their older age. Poodles love to please which is what makes them so good at obedience training. A Poodle will enjoy human contact and are very good with children (toy poodles in particular). Poodles can be known to

    If you feel you are interested in owning a poodle, you can search for a wide range of poodle puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Poodles are also very popular to be crossed with other breeds of dogs, most notably Labradors to produce the Labradoodle or the Cocker Spaniel to produce the Cockapoo.

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