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    Back to School: Finding the time to exercise your dog

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 20 September 2012

    Whether it is you or your children that are back to school, it makes the day go very quickly. From 9 until 3 time seems to fly, and with the winter coming and the days shortening, when can you find the time to exercise your dog? 

    Dog walks are the obvious choice, but this can be very time consuming, so here are some other ways that you may prefer:

    1. Fetch (race) - this is a way to stay near your house but give the needed exercise to your pet. A fetch race will exercise you as well as your pet, perhaps crossing one more thing off your adgenda; making your dog run will increase its heart rate more quickly and give a more efficient work out in less time.

    2. Run up and down the stairs - this is an indoor exercise routine for the cold, rainy, winter days. Using stairs when exercising is hard work so you won't have to do this one for as long as walking your dog.

    3. Dog tag - Again staying right by your house, maybe in your back garden, you can play tag with your dog. This is a fun game for you and your dog and again involves a lot of running, so will be quicker than many other things that you could do.

    If your dog is panting, consider it a good work out.

    How do you like to exercise your dog? Share in the comments below to help others in the dogsandpuppies community.


    Photo by Jan-Erik Finnberg

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