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    Benefits of Dog Microchipping

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    A dog microchip is an excellent way of identifying any lost dogs and all dog owners are recommended to talk to their vets about fitting a microchip for dogs. Not only does microchipping dogs enable them to be identified, it may also be possible to store a dog’s medical history on a dog microchip in the future. Read on to find out more about the benefits of microchipping dogs. 

    Microchipping Dogs

    • By far the main benefit of microchipping dogs is that in the event they are stolen or lost, a vet or animal care worker can scan the chip to check obtain the animal’s rightful owner’s contact details and reunite them. 
    • A microchip for dogs is roughly the same size as an uncooked grain of rice and they can easily be inserted by a vet during a routine check up. The dog microchip has a unique ID number which brings up the details on a central database. 
    • Dog microchipping is very easy and pain-free for the dog. Microchips for dogs require no power source and are fully sealed to prevent the need for any maintenance. 
    • Annually, you should have microchips for dogs checked to ensure that they are still working and that the dog microchip hasn’t moved from the implant site. 
    • Dog microchipping is recommended for all dog owners as it has reunited countless dogs with their owners over the years. Microchipping dogs is very cheap and will probably be covered by your pet insurance plan. 
    • When looking into buying puppies for sale, ask the dog breeder if they have a dog microchip inserted, if the puppies for sale haven’t arrange for this as soon as possible. It is also an idea to have ID tags on your dog’s collar.

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