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    Boxer Puppies For Sale: Behavioural Guide

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    A Boxer puppy is the perfect choice for anybody looking for a lively, loyal dog to take home. Boxer dog puppies will become much loved members of the family, but there are a couple of behavioural traits that need to be carefully monitored from an early age.

    Learn more about the breed, and how you can find a Boxer puppy for sale, in the guide below.

    Boxer Dog Puppies: A Temperament Guide

    1.    Boxers tend to have a very playful personality, so you are unsure as to whether you will be able to handle an active, demanding breed, it’s probably best to focus your search elsewhere. These boisterous dogs require plenty of exercise and attention, so you’ll need to have lots of spare time on your hands to tend to the adventurous personality of the Boxer puppy.

    2.    However, playful curiosity can sometimes lead to indiscipline – so it’s important to stamp out any undesirable character traits from an early age. If you’re considering Boxer puppies for sale, it’s worth noting that when these dogs become animated, they can be rather hard to control and calm down, so it is important to ensure that these dogs remain calm and disciplined around other dogs, animals and people.

    3.    Boxer dog puppies are of average intelligence, and tend to take longer than some other dog breeds to mature, so it may take patience and dedication to ensure a Boxer puppy follows and retains training techniques over time. With a lack of discipline, these dogs can become stubborn.

    4.    This breed tends to adapt well to any environment, although due to its powerful frame and physique, it may not be an ideal choice for families with very young children or for elderly owners, as the demands of the Boxer puppy may prove too great.

    5.    Finally, anybody considering a Boxer puppy for sale should consider one of the major positive traits of the breed – aggression levels tend to be relatively low (although activity levels are high). Therefore, the majority of dogs from this breed should act calmly around smaller dogs provided they are socialised from an early age.

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