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    Chihuahua Puppies: Behavioural Guide

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 12 February 2014

    Considering to bring home a Chihuahua? These dogs aren’t suited to everyone, but with plenty of care and attention, they can make for a lovable, lifelong companion.

    Learn more about the Chihuahua breed and how you can find Chihuahuas for sale on the Dogs and Puppies website in the article below. 


    Chihuahuas: Behavioural Instincts

    1.    Chihuahuas generally do not make for great family pets, as their loyalties tend to rest with one person – these dogs far prefer to build a close, long-term relationship with one companion over time.

    2.    Plenty of training needs to be carried out with Chihuahuas to curb an inherent tendency to snap and bark at other people and other dogs – something which may begin to irritate neighbours if the problem is not dealt with at an early stage. One major behavioural problem with Chihuahua puppies can be separation anxiety.

    3.    Chihuahuas may be small, but they can be destructive if not monitored carefully at an early age. Although these dogs are well suited to city living and confined spaces, they still require plenty of exercise to ensure boredom does not lead to destruction.

    4.    However, it is worth stating that the behavioural traits of the Chihuahua breed can differ significantly from individual to individual. Some Chihuahua puppies will be placid and comical in nature, while others may exhibit signs of aggression – often it is early training that can indicate how a Chihuahua will develop in character over time.

    5.    Although Chihuahuas tend to be distrustful of other dogs, if space and finances allow, it is worth considering buying a pair of Chihuahua puppies for sale, as they will appreciate a companion and this socialisation may help to calm any aggressive tendencies towards other dogs at the same time.


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