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    Choosing a Healthy Puppy | Dogs and Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Choosing the perfect puppy can be an agonising decision at the best of times; sometimes it’s pure emotion that wins out as you stare into the eyes of your prospective pet. Although there’s nothing wrong with opting for a dog that pulls at the heart strings, it is important to consider puppy health when you’re in the position of making this life-changing decision.

    How To Tell If a Puppy is Heakthy

    Before you bring your new prized pet home for the first time, you should always put the state of the puppy’s health at the forefront of your mind. If you have your heart set on buying, make sure you do some research before you search around to stop the heart overruling the head. There are plenty of specialist books on the market with plenty of puppy buying advice, and we’ll be featuring many more articles on the subject over the next couple of months.

    When you’re ready to take that step and bring the puppy into your life, don’t rush into any hasty decisions. Keep an eye out for any obvious signs which might bring the health of the puppy into question. A healthy puppy and an unhealthy puppy will have several major differences that’ll come clear if you take the time to spot them. Ask yourself whether anything appears out of the ordinary – Does the puppy have a full, shiny coat? Are there any bare patches?

    Once you’ve sussed out the answers, you will be better informed as to the health of the puppy, although it might take the expert knowledge of the vet to determine any internal problems the puppy may be suffering. Other warning signs include a swelled stomach, the appearance of worms and irregular lumps; however these may not necessarily be a major issue, so get clarification from the seller before coming to a decision.

    It seems a cold subject to raise when placed alongside the joy a new puppy can bring, but it’s important to think about the potential hidden costs that come with puppy health care. It’s fairly likely that as the puppy grows older, you’ll accumulate plenty of costs from trips to the vet for jabs, check-ups and in extreme cases, emergency care, so it’s essential to plan for these extra costs before going ahead with any decision.

    The old maxim ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ should come to mind here – it’s a long term investment, and the initial costs incurred checking the puppy’s health will only increase as it gets older and more reliant on medical assistance.

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