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    Choosing German Shepherd Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 18 November 2013

    German Shepherds make excellent family pets for their loyal, friendly and protective nature but like all dog breeds, there is variety of individuals and some German Shepherd puppies are more suited to particular people than others.

    There is a bit of a method to use when choosing German Shepherd puppies in a litter, read on to find out more.


    Choosing the Correct German Shepherd

    • When looking for German Shepherd puppies, the best option by far is to search for puppies for sale on a website such as Dogs and Puppies because you are more likely to come across reputable breeders of German Shepherds who know well about the breed.
    • When you decide to visit dog breeders to search for the perfect German Shepherd puppy, you are likely to be introduced to the litter of pups and the mother at the same time. The first thing you need to do is ensure that their surroundings are clean and that the puppies are healthy and look happy.
    • Spend some time with the whole litter of German Shepherd puppies so that you can gauge what they are like. Ideally, when choosing a pup, you should go for the one that is neither too timid nor too forward as both will be hard to raise.
    • You should choose the German shepherd that is confident with your presence and is happy to have you around. All German Shepherd puppies should be curious, playful and friendly. It is worth remembering that German Shepherds are naturally wary of strangers. Try to pick a German Shepherd puppy that matches your family's activity levels.
    • Spend some time with the German Shepherds puppies as individuals and as a litter and evaluate them. Make sure you touch the German Shepherd in strategic places such as the mouth, paws and belly to make sure that they are happy with this. Pick up the puppies and check their reaction, eventually they should settle down and be happy to be held.
    • Make sure you evaluate the parent(s) as well. You will likely only be able to see the mother but make sure she is friendly and confident. German Shepherds can suffer from hip dysplasia so ask to see the parents’ vet records as confirmation to their condition.
    • Make sure that the breeder has begun the worming, vaccination, socialisation and toilet training process already for you to pick up. German Shepherd puppies should not be allowed the leave their mother until at least 8 weeks of age.


    Remember, you can search for German Shepherd puppies from reputable dog breeders on DogsandPuppies. 


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