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    Choosing Names for Chocolate Labrador Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Chocolate labradors are some of the most popular family pets in the world for good reason. A chocolate Labrador is hugely friendly with children and other animals as well as being full of energy and fun. All dogs need a good name and there are some names that suit certain breeds more than others. To find out how to pick the perfect name for your chocolate lab, read on.

    How To Name a Chocolate Labrador

    • There is some science behind choosing the perfect name for a chocolate Labrador. For instance, even if your chocolate lab is the friendliest dog in the world, calling him ‘ripper’ etc. will make people act differently around him. 
    • There is a lot of evidence to suggest that dogs pick up on the harder sounds more than the soft ones. Names containing T, K, D are popular. One syllable names often help to emphasise this; consider naming your chocolate Labrador something like Tess. 
    • There is also some evidence to suggest that chocolate labradors (and most dogs in fact) also can hear two syllable words well that end with a distinctive sound such as an ie/y or an o. Many dogs, not just chocolate Labrador puppies have names such as Millie, Sadie, Barney, Toby or Milo etc. 
    • Whilst it makes sense to give your chocolate lab a name that is easily distinctive, the main decision requires lots of personal preference. Cadbury is a popular name for a chocolate lab for obvious reasons or there could be something in the personality of the chocolate Labradors that makes your decision for you. 
    • When choosing a name for your chocolate Labrador puppies, make sure you choose something that is fairly sensible. A good test is to ask yourself how you will feel when you have to shout it across a park full of people. The novelty often wears off of ill thought out names. 
    • Whatever you decide you want to call your chocolate lab, you do need to own one first and you can search for a wide range of chocolate Labrador puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively, if you have a litter of puppies for sale you can sell puppies for free on Dogs and Puppies.
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