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    Choosing the Perfect Dog from a Shelter | Dogs and Puppies

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    If your family has chosen to adopt a dog from a dog shelter then you have made a wonderful decision. So many dogs are taken into shelters each year and they all deserve a second chance at a happy family life. Picking a dog from the shelter is a hard decision as you have to find the perfect dog that will fit your family lifestyle. You will find when you visit the dog shelter that there are so many dogs that will tug on your heart strings; but it is important you stay focused and pick the right dog. It is essential when choosing a dog that you pick one that fits into your family and not the most attractive dog in the rescue centre. This article should help you to choose the right dog for the right reasons.

    Picking a Dog – Top Tips

    • Decide with your whole family what type of dog you are looking for. Think about whether a puppy or an older dog would be suitable? Should you buy a large, medium or small dog? What energy level can you cope with? Choosing a dog that is compatible with your family is the most important step, for example if you have young children you will need a dog that they can play with but one that is not so big that it will be dangerous or overpower them. Never choose a dog for its looks alone.


    • Once you have chosen what you are looking for in a dog then you can begin to research into different breeds and what those breeds can give you. If you are stuck and are not sure on breeds of dog that would be suitable for you then you can call the dog shelter or rescue centre and ask some questions; they will always be willing to help and advise.


    • The next step would be to visit the dog shelter, ask questions about the dogs you like the look of. Learn about the background of the dogs and ask the volunteers what they have noticed about the dog’s temperament and personality. If you have children or other pets this is the time to find out how they will react to them. Make sure you ask practical questions like is the dog house trained? Are there any medical problems?


    • Once you have decided on a few dogs you like in particular then you should meet these shortlisted dogs. Approach them while they are still in their kennels at first and observe how they react towards you. Remember that dog shelters can be stressful for a dog and shy dogs might open up and become much more relaxed once in a home environment.


    • If you like the look of a particular dog ask if you can meet him as a family. Will the dog play with you? Does the dog like all of the members of your family?


    • Check that all family members involved are on board with the responsibilities of caring for the new dog before you take it home.

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