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    Cocker Spaniel Puppies: All You Need to Know

    Articlegeneral dog adviceFriday 18 May 2012

    Cocker spaniels were originally used as gun dogs and they still excel in this role but they also make fantastic family pets.

    There are two distinct types of cocker spaniels: the English and American variety but both of them are really popular as pets.

    This breed will not grow to be very big and it has a very loving temperaments which is why cocker spaniels are a common choice.

    Read the rest of this article to learn more about this great dog breed.


    All About Cocker Spaniels 

    • Cocker spaniel puppies do not grow to be particularly large and as a general rule, they are very healthy and should live to roughly 12 years old. This breed suffer from comparatively few genetic disorders but things like hip dysplasia should be screened for. American cocker spaniels are much smaller than English varieties. 
    • Spaniels are very friendly dogs that need good levels of human companionship. You should not consider acquiring a cocker if you have to spend 8 hours at work everyday. Bear in mind that these puppies will grow very fond of one person in particular but they will get on well with all members of the family. 
    • Cocker spaniels dogs are very intelligent and need to be kept well entertained. A cocker thrives on human interaction and pleasing their master so training these dogs to undertake tasks is easily achievable. Cocker spaniels also have very fun loving temperaments and enjoy playing. 
    • The long coat of both types of cocker spaniels needs good levels of care so that it doesn’t get out of control. Getting them used to regular brushing and bathing when they are young is a good idea. American cocker spaniels tend to have longer under-belly coats than English varieties. 
    • Although cocker spaniels generally have a good temperament, they need to have early socialisation so that they are happy around other dogs, people and situations. As soon as your puppy has received all his vaccinations, you need to start introducing him to as many new situations (such as towns, parks, other dogs, etc) as possible. 
    • All puppies need proper training and this is no different for cocker spaniels. Like a lot of dogs, they respond much better to reward based training that is kept interesting and involves treats. As said, cocker spaniels enjoy pleasing their master so this shouldn’t be too hard. You may find our Puppy Training Guides helpful. 

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