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    Cost of Owning a Dog - A Breakdown

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 12 March 2014

    Owning a dog is a large commitment both in time and finances.

    The cost of having a dog is usually highest in the first year but you have to remember that dogs live on average about 12 years.

    Think about whether or not you can afford the financial strains of dog costs.


    First Year Cost of Having a Dog

    Dog Cost

    Buying a dog usually costs anything up to £700 but the money you will need to spend on your puppy does not end here.

    Bear in mind puppies bought from rescue centres are usually much cheaper and if you want a dog to show then you can spend upwards of £800. If you buy a well bred puppy then veterinary bills should be less over the dog’s lifetime.

    Vets Bills

    Veterinary bills in the first year can vary between £100 and £600. This is quite considerable when added onto the original price of your puppy.

    Think of everything a dog needs, vaccines, boosters, routine examinations, worming and any surgeries needed if something bad occurs.

    Dog Food

    The costs of dog food vary a lot depending on the size of your dog and what you feed him.

    Buying premium dog food is more expensive than off-brand food, but if you feed your dog the cheaper stuff expect his health to suffer as a consequence.


    You will need to buy items like water bowls, leads, collars, toys and treats. All of these little additions add up to cost quite a bit of money.

    You should expect to spend approximately £100 to £1000 on dog supplies in the first year.


    Like everything, grooming costs money. Your dog needs to be groomed by you regularly to keep his coat and health in check. Sometimes you will need to take your dog to a professional groomer and this will cost you money.

    Even if you do most of the grooming yourself you will need to use the proper brushes and shampoos. Most dog owners will spend between £12 and £250 per year on grooming.


    Your puppy will need to be trained there is no doubt about it.

    If you want to train your dog yourself then you only need to buy a book or a DVD. If you want to spend a little more on a professional dog trainer expect to pay up to £320 on training in the first year.

    Pet Sitter or Kennels

    You might want to go on holiday at some point during the year. You obviously cannot leave your dog in the house alone so you will need to take him to a kennel or hire a pet sitter. This will cost you anywhere between £60 and £320 pounds on average for a short break.

    If you multiply all these figures out over twelve years you will have a good idea of the maximum amount of money a dog costs over its lifetime.


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