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    Dog Cost Advice - The Costs of Keeping a Dog

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 18 May 2011

    Dogs cost quite a sizeable amount of money over their lifetime and the cost of a dog can quickly get out of hand for some people. It is important to consider the cost of a dog before buying a puppy for sale as it is not fair to buy a dog and have to get rid of it because of the dog costs. Read on to find out more about the cost of a dog.




    Calculating Dog Costs


    • The first thing you have to consider when planning dog costs is the actual price of the puppy for sale. Depending on what breed of puppy you choose, this could cost a few hundred pounds or could add several thousand pounds onto the overall dog cost. For instance, pedigree English Bulldogs for sale can easily cost upwards of £1500, while Staffordshire Bull terriers for sale are in the £500 region.


    • The other most obvious dog cost associated with keeping dogs is food. The size of these dog costs will vary depending which breed of dog you own but they will no doubt add up. Great Danes for sale, for instance eat a lot of food per day and need a high protein diet whereas something small like a pug for sale or a Jack Russell for sale will not eat nearly as much. The average puppy for sale will live for anywhere between 8 and 15 years so you obviously need to budget for the cost of dog food.


    • One of the biggest dog costs will probably be vets bills and in the event that your dog gets ill, the cost of a dog could rise dramatically. Surgical procedures can run up dog costs into the thousands. Even small things like checkups and simple procedures can cast large amounts of money. Remember to budget for medication in your dog costs, especially as your dog gets older.


    • One of the best ways to avoid unwanted dog costs in the form of vet’s bills is to invest in pet insurance. Although this will add to the cost of a dog, pet insurance payments will be more regular and manageable than a large vet bill that comes out of the blue. Again, when working out how much dogs cost, take the breed into account as some breeds will cost more to insure than others.


    • Other dog costs that need to be considered include various dog accessories for sale. Things such as leads, dog beds and toys etc will not have to be bought very often but they will all add up to make things cheaper, you can search for cheap dog equipment for sale on Dogs & Puppies. Remember to budget for things such as kennel visits as well as these will inevitably happen.
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