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    Dog sitter or boarding kennel?

    Articlegeneral dog adviceMonday 30 May 2011

    Dog owners have many options for their pets when away from home. Weather is a pet sitter, dog hotel or boarding kennel you can be sure that your puppy will be safe and sound if you follow few simple steps.

    If you cannot take your dog with you, but you don’t want to leave it in any boarding facility you should get the pet sitter in order to play with it, feed it, clean up, etc. Your pet might be used to stay alone at home but is less probable he can prepare himself a meal. Make your holidays pleasant also for your pooch. The pet sitter’s main advantage is that you don’t have to stress your dog by changing the environment. However, bare in mind that the pet sitter must be the person your dog get to know before your leaving.

    Although boarding kennels might seem more stressful, if chosen well, there’s no need to worry as your dog will forget about you (yes, I know it’s quite sad!) when playing and having fun with other pooches.

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