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    German Shepherd Dogs: What To Know

    Articlegeneral dog adviceWednesday 05 February 2014

    German Shepherds make excellent pets and they are consistently amongst the top three registered dog breeds in the world.

    This breed is also well known for its use as a working dog by police, army and search and rescue services. German Shepherd puppies can fetch considerable amounts of money so extra care should be taken when purchasing one from good stock.

    To find out more about German Shepherds keep reading.


    German Shepherd Puppies Information

    • German Shepherds are ranked amongst the most intelligent dogs in the world therefore it is important to make sure you start training them early. They need to be kept active as German shepherds are not dogs that can handle sitting in the house for long periods of time.
    • German Shepherds have a reputation for aggression but proper training and socialisation with other dogs and people (including children) should ensure this is not the case. These dogs will bond very well with their entire family and will protect them should the situation arise. Without proper training and socialisation, they can become overly protective. You can expect a German Shepherds to be naturally wary of strangers at first.
    • When training your German shepherd puppy, you need to make sure you are the ‘pack leader’ and keep in mind that these dogs respond much better to positive reinforcement training.
    • German Shepherds are quite large dogs that require good amounts of regular exercise hence that they are especially suited to a family that is active and loves the outdoors. German Shepherd puppies need to be socialised with other dogs from a young age but you may find that male German shepherds may never get on well with other male dogs.
    • You should only acquire a German Shepherd puppy from parents with good hip scores as German Shepherds are notoriously prone to hip dysplasia and arthritis in later life which can cause severe pain. German Shepherds can also be prone to ear conditions so you need to regularly clean them out.
    • If you are thinking of purchasing a German Shepherd, you can search for German Shepherd puppies for sale here on Dogs and Puppies. Alternatively you can also sell German Shepherd puppies for free.


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