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    German Shepherds: Essential Information

    Articlegeneral dog adviceThursday 20 March 2014

    German Shepherds are a relatively new, but easily recognisable breed of dog that can make brilliant pets provided they are correctly trained and looked after.

    German Shepherds were (as the name suggests) bred as shepherd dogs but their intelligence and loyal nature have made them excellent for other job roles such as search and rescue or police/military dogs.

    Before you start looking for German Shepherd puppies you need to know some facts and relaible information on these dogs so read on to find out more about owning a German Shepherd.


    Owning German Shepherd Puppies 

    • The first thing you need to know about German Shepherds is that they will grow into quite large dogs that need large amounts of food and exercise. These puppies also need training from a young age to ensure that that they are well behaved around people and animals. Fortunately, German Shepherd dogs are within the top three most intelligent dogs and respond well to training. 

    • They need to be socialised from an early age so that they are comfortable with children, strangers and other dogs. German Shepherds are naturally very protective of their families and homes so you need to make sure this character feature does not get excessive. They, as well as many other breeds, need to be taught that they are at the bottom of the pack. 

    • German Shepherd dogs are highly intelligent and need to be kept active so that they do not get bored. Obedience training, playing fetch and teaching other tasks are excellent ways of keeping them entertained. These dogs are most happy when working with their master. 

    • German Shepherds will require large amounts of food to sustain their energy levels and large size. To keep your dog healthy, it is recommended to use the best quality dog food but this means that it will be an expensive food. You should not acquire a German Shepherd if you cannot afford to keep it. 

    • Some individuals can be prone to health conditions such as hip dysplasia therefore, if you are convinced of adding this breed into your life, it is important to buy a German Shepherd Puppy from reputable dog breeders that will already have screened both parents for hereditary conditions. 

    • German Shepherds will generally live for anywhere between 8 and 12 years which is common for a dog of this size but the absolute average lifespan of a German shepherd is 9.7 years.


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